By: Juan Manuel Barros and Antonio Arias.

Through resolution No. 1,260/2021 (hereinafter, “Resolution 1,260/21”) of the Secretariat of Energy (Official Bulletin 12/29/2021), it was established that companies that own projects for the generation of
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Por Felipe Bahamondez, Diego Peña y María Jesús Caballero.

Mediante Resolución Exenta N° 998 del Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales, de fecha 23 de noviembre de 2021, se aprobó el Plan Nacional de Fomento
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Brazil’s Decree No. 9,041/2017, which is now in force, regulates Law No. 13,365/2016, which changed the current criteria for investments and operations in the Brazilian pre-salt areas.

Such alterations came at a critical moment and
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