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Brazil clarifies how reinsurance companies are taxed

By: Alex Jorge, Leonardo Rzezinski, Rosana Gonzaga Jayme, Humberto Lucas Marini, Renato Lopes da Rocha and Marcella Hill The Brazilian Tax Revenue has published Private Letter Ruling No. 91/2018, as a response by the General Coordination of Taxation (COSIT), which revokes Private Letter Ruling No. 62/2017. The Response to Consultation No. 91/2018, issued in August, … Continue Reading

Taxation and Reinsurance in Brazil: Regulatory Update

COSIT CONSULTATION RESPONSE 62/2017 The following are comments to the effects of COSIT Consultation Response No. 62, published on 20 January 2017, which the General Office to Coordinate Taxation (“COSIT”) of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (“RFB”) expressed its position on the tax regime applicable to reinsurance companies operating in Brazil. Portuguese language is below.… Continue Reading