Since 2020 and throughout 2021, the Mexican Government has enacted a series of measures and reforms that seek to strengthen the role of the Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad or CFE) and
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By: Ignacio E. Sanchez and Melanie Garcia

The United States government has issued new sanctions in response to the growing unrest in Venezuela. On January 23, the United States recognized Juan Guaido as the new
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Brazil’s Decree No. 9,041/2017, which is now in force, regulates Law No. 13,365/2016, which changed the current criteria for investments and operations in the Brazilian pre-salt areas.

Such alterations came at a critical moment and
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The Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Argentina has issued a decision suspending rate increases on natural gas service throughout Argentina for residential users.

The increases had been approved as a part of substantial energy and financial reforms undertaken by the Macri administration to promote investment in aging infrastructure.

The Court’s ruling delays the contemplated price increases for residential users pending a robust public hearing.

The Court limited its August 18 decision to residential users based on the limited standing of the plaintiffs (consumer associations). Accordingly, a similar decision could eventually extend the same standard to industrial and commercial users.

La Corte Suprema de Justicia de la República Argentina dictó una decisión suspendiendo los aumentos de tarifas para el servicio de gas a usuarios residenciales en toda la Argentina.

Los aumentos habían sido aprobados como parte sustancial de una serie de reformas en materia energética y financiera llevadas a cabo por la Administración Macri para promover inversiones en la deteriorada infraestructura.

El fallo de la Corte retrasa los aumentos de tarifas previstos para los usuarios residenciales hasta que se realice una audiencia pública ampliamente participativa.

La Corte circunscribió los efectos de su decisión del 18 de agosto a los usuarios residenciales con base en la limitada posición de los demandantes (asociaciones de consumidores).  Por lo tanto, una decisión similar eventualmente podría abarcar a usuarios industriales y comerciales.


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