Recently, the National Authority of Personal Data Protection (ANPDP) has issued Directorial Resolution No. 1022-2022-JUS/DGTAIPD-DPDP, through which it has resolved to sanction a company for the following:

  1. Having carried out the processing of personal data

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As part of enacting its General Regime of Personal Data Protection, Colombia created the National Database Registry (NDR) (Law 1581 of 2012). The NDR is a public directory of all databases in existence in the country,  with the primary objective of documenting unknown information, such as the number of databases, data owners, data processors, the treatment of data, etc. The NDR will be managed by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and as a public registry, will be open to consultation by Colombians and foreign citizens alike.

Why Does This Matter and Who Does It Affect?

The core of the issue is that all databases that include personal data, handled or processed by people or companies, both from the private and public sectors, within and without the Colombian territory, must register before de NDR, meaning anyone that has any type of database with personal data of Colombian nationals has to register in the NDR. In the case of databases that are not processed within Colombian borders, the registration depends on the applicable international treaties.
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